Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so get your little one’s day off to a great start with this super tasty and nutritious quinoa porridge.


170g five:am Natural Yoghurt
1 pear
_ cup quinoa grain, rinsed
Blueberries (optional)


1. To make the stewed pear, peel, core and slice the pear to required size for your baby. Place pear in a small saucepan with _ cup water, cover with lid and place on a medium heat.
2. Bring pear and water to the boil, then remove the lid, reduce heat and allow to cook approximately 10minutes before transferring to another bowl to cool.
3. Whilst pear is cooling slightly, cook your quinoa by placing rinsed quinoa in the small saucepan and adding 2/3 cup water. Place quinoa on a medium heat on the stove and with the lid on, bring quinoa to the boil.
4. Remove lid, reduce heat and allow quinoa to cook until the ‘tails’ of the quinoa appear, which usually takes approximately 10minutes. This process may be faster due to the small quantity of quinoa in the pan, so keep an eye on it.
5. Once the quinoa is cooked, transfer a small portion to your baby’s bowl, add pears and a nourishing spoonful of five:am yoghurt and serve.
Note: Quinoa can keep up to four days in the fridge and is a lovely nutritious and gluten free grain, which can be eaten by the whole family hot or cold.