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about five:am

Founded by surfer, long time yogi and successful entrepreneur David Prior. David has realised his vision to take organic yoghurt from a health food niche into the mainstream making it more affordable and accessible. All the milk used in five:am’s tasty yoghurt range is sourced from The Organic Dairy Farmer’s Cooperative in Gippsland, Victoria, a group of farms dedicated to upholding the highest standards of sustainable and organic farming, and then just up the road to the bustling home of five:am in Carrum Downs, southeast of Melbourne, where the team has refined its yoghurteering technique in order to create the best-tasting yoghurt around. And that’s just what you’ll get – all organic, no additives and always delicious.

We’ve been recognised for making the world’s best tasting yoghurt! We’ve picked up best dairy 2 years running from Food Magazine Awards, had 4 gold medal winning products at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards, were awarded Best for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Premiere Regional Business awards and won the award for the Growth Company to Watch at the Australian Growth Company awards.

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We love hearing from yoghurt lovers across the land so don’t hesitate to hit us up with your comments – just email us or find us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

dave – real yoghurt dude

David_Prior__Polaroid__1David Prior, the founder of five:am, is the living embodiment of five:amness. Having started his day at 5AM for over a decade, Dave treasures this unique moment where he can pause and create his day. As a surfer and long time Yogi, Dave has always appreciated the health benefits of consuming yoghurt as part of an active lifestyle balance. Being a successful entrepreneur with a background in the packaging industry, he also knows a thing or two about sustainability. For Dave the concept behind five:am is one of ‘conscious deliciousness;’ that means that he is conscious of hand-picking the finest, organic and all natural ingredients for all of his recipes. He produces his superior tasting yoghurt with a clear conscience – knowing that not only is the product good for you but that every aspect of five:am’s production preserves the environment.

martin – chief yoghurteer

Yoghurt_Maker___PolaroidDave enlisted the help of the best yoghurt maker around – Martin, our chief yoghurteer. With over 50 years experience in both the Aussie and European yoghurt industry and a passion for organic produce and sustainability, Martin and five:am were a match made in heaven. His recipes were 2 years in the making and in 2011 the delicious five:am organic yoghurt range was launched. Job well done! We reckon he’s the creator of the best tasting yoghurt out there.


Our mantra is pretty simple and takes only two steps… Wake up, be am:azing! It’s all about embracing the here and now and becoming the best you, as soon as you wake up. Seriously, no one ever complimented you on how late you can sleep, right?

When you wake up at 5AM, you get a unique view of the world – a sense of clarity rarely seen throughout the day. Whether it’s an early cycle, surf, yoga session or meditation, early morning is the perfect time to let go of yesterday, forget tomorrow and just be here. A time when you can really focus on what’s happening right now and just be am:azing!

Join the conversation and hashtag #WakeUpBeAmazing.



why organic? organic farming our environment

Organic means any product free from synthetic fertilisers, hormones, antibiotics and chemical pesticides.

Pesticides – carcinogens, a cancer producing substance – are found in many non-organic foods we eat. Just as often, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are used to grow the food in our meals. GMO’s are organisms that have been altered through the transfer of DNA in order to mimic desired, non natural characteristics. Many of the leading non-organic yoghurts contain these and more. Doesn’t sound very good does it?

Organic farming nurtures the planet; enhancing the earth’s long-term health and fertility. By choosing to source our ingredients from organic farms at five:am we ensure less chemical poisons are created as waste that would wind up in soil, ground water, rivers and oceans. It’s all part of what we call Conscious Deliciousness and we would love for you to be a part of it!

At five:am we take pride in the fact that we use only organic ingredients to make our delicious tasting yoghurts.

But don’t just take our word for it, five:am organic yoghurt is Australian Certified Organic (ACO).That means over 95% of our ingredients are Certified Organic. That’s some realness right there. For more information, check out a few of our favourite videos on the importance of eating organic.

To learn more about organic farming and it’s many benefits head to the ACO website

We believe in honouring the environment in everything we do. It’s our mission to restore the environment, support family farms and sustainable farming techniques. We make it a priority to organise physical, financial and human resources efficiently to respect nature and minimise waste.

our packaging

Our label says it all – ‘Reuse or Recycle this pack’. All of our tub materials are 100% recyclable, but we also encourage you to take your empty container and reuse it in creative ways. Make it into a pencil holder, a planter box or a scooper to make sand castles. Send us a picture as we would love to see how you are reusing your five:am container.

our production

All of our production processes are designed to minimize the carbon footprint of our manufacturing facilities. We are working towards sustainability in converting our products from farm to table. Even our packaging is designed to weigh less when transported, saving fuel and reducing emissions. One day we hope to achieve a carbon footprint of zero.


participation organic schools program bloggers we love

It is our belief at five:am that as a successful company, we must not only create our product in an ethical manner, but also make positive contributions to the community.

five:am is involved with a number of organisations and initiatives that we believe are very deserving of our support. Here’s some info about a few we’ve been involved with…

Junior pro surfing development program

Surfers on the world professional surf tour go through various stages of development and training. To get there they need to be coached by the best. The five:am Elite Surf Coaching program is focused on giving surfers with talent the opportunity to get the right training to reach their potential.

World Champion & Master Coach Cheyne Horan has developed a course to help these surfers develop competition and surfing skills to take them to the top level. The training will be at Lennox Head and the surrounding area. This is a breeding ground for Australia’s top surfers. With the support of five:am organic yoghurt, this program allows surfers to train at no cost.

People Culture Environment

People Culture Environment (PCE) is an NGO focusing on conservation and human rights. PCE was established in 2005 to give the broader community a deeper understanding, respect and connection to Aboriginal Culture and the Australian Environment.

PCE’s strength comes from partnering with Aboriginal communities to preserve and protect the knowledge and cultural history of their senior leaders (the Elders). PCE also makes Australian environmental issues more accessible and understandable for the broader community. Dave has been a director of PCE for over eight years and helped in setting the goals and activities for the organisation. Throughout his time with PCE he has been specifically involved in raising funds for the ‘Old Growth’ publication as well as contributing and raising funds for ‘My Peoples Dreaming’ an aboriginal elder’s wisdom. He also travelled to Montague Island to witness the guidance of young men into aboriginal lore.

Local charity events

We also try to help out on a local level and have been a part of various school and community fundraisers, education programs on eating healthy and even supporting five:am lovers out there for their own small scale fundraising events.

We’re a major sponsor of the Australian Organic School Gardens Program, a free organic gardening curriculum program available to all Australian primary schools and anyone with an interest in organic gardening.

School students across Australia are discovering the wonders of organic gardening following the introduction of BFA’s Organic School Gardens program in mid-2010. The program is available to all Australian schools and is designed for students aged eight to 12 years. Written in line with Australian organic standards, the program provides written materials for lessons taking place both inside and outside the classroom (along with comprehensive notes for supervisors and educators).

Learn more about the Organic School Gardens Program at www.organicschools.com.au


the healthy ingredient

A holistic Nutritional consultancy based in Melbourne led by Nutritionist Bannie Williams, former model and the founder of The Healthy Ingredient.

Having since completed a degree in Nutrition at University, Bannie is a powerhouse in the world of Nutrition. From nutrition writing, to health food recipe development, Bannie is all about holistic living.

They don’t believe in fads, crash dieting or feeling miserable over the cheeky cupcake you ate after lunch. They’re all about making better choices and achieving goals in the more enjoyable way possible.

Head to the website to discover why we love it: thehealthyingredient.com.au

the wholesome life

Hannah is a Melbourne-based health coach providing regular recipes, tips and advice to live a full and wholesome life!

Discover the blog here: thewholesomelife.com

Or scroll through The Wholesome Life on Instagram and enjoy delicious-looking  recipe pics!

sweat & oranges

Jayne is the SWEAT in sweat and oranges. A personal trainer, kettlebell enthusiast, dog lover, and wife.

Katie is the ORANGES in sweat and oranges. A Green juice addict + exercise lover + fur mamma + healthy lifestyle enthusiast!

Together, they’re two fun loving sisters who are both passionate about living healthy active lives.
Their blog, sweat and oranges, offers information and services to help find healthy as a way of life.
Discover why we love them by visiting: sweatandoranges.com

nourish by ashlyn

Ashlyn is a 20-something student from Melbourne.

In a nutshell, she’s a wild foodie, health nut, fitness fanatic, dreamer and an insufferable perfectionist.

Partial to all things creative, she’s obsessed with anything that looks good, tastes good or makes me feel good, which is why she just loves food!

Discover why we love her blog: nourishbyashlyn.com

base body babes

Felicia and Diana are two personal trainer sisters who specialise in training women. Not only do they live and breathe a healthy and fit lifestyle, but they make it their goal to help women all over the world achieve health and fitness goals.

They love inspiring and motivating women to be as healthy, fit and strong as possible. Because it’s their passion, their website and Instagram truly does inspire!

Check out why we love them by heading to their site: basebodybabes.com

the brown paper bag nutrition

Jacqueline at The Brown Paper Bag is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, mother and super-passionate about everything health, food and life. She is committed to providing the nutrition support and education you need to give your health a makeover, feel radiant and put an energetic bounce into your life.

Her blog features great inspiration, recipes, health tips and more.

Be sure to check it out and discover why we love it: thebrownpaperbag.com.au

taste + nutrition

eating organic recipes our nutritionist

Why is organic food best? Not only does it taste better than other yoghurts + granolas out there, organic food is also better for you!

Our award winning food masters have developed a recipe that blends equal parts art and science, to deliver the best tasting yoghurts + granola you will ever experience. Handcrafted in small batches, five:am is completely organic and natural – we don’t need to put anything nasty in to preserve it.

Now for the rough stuff…

Did you know that the average Australian eats up to two kilograms of food additives a year? Many food additives have been linked with symptoms such as allergic reactions, rashes, headaches, asthma, growth retardation and hyperactivity in children.

We’re taking care of you and helping to avoid this by providing you with the best tasting yoghurt that’s good for you too!

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health + wellbeing


running-at-dawn680We do love early mornings, but what we value most at five:am is a balanced lifestyle. You don’t need to wake up at 5am to enjoy our yoghurt – although we think you should definitely give it a go every once in a while! – in the same way that you don’t need to cut out things you truly love doing to live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is complemented by delicious and nutritious food. David, founder of five:am, enjoys a surf and yoga on most mornings before he smashes a powerpak or a tub of yoghurt for breakfast. The rest of the team regularly heads to the gym or a yoga class during the week and enjoy healthy yoghurt breakfasts at five:am HQ.

We all get involved in group yoga and meditation sessions. In summer we head outdoors and go for power walks. We work really hard, eat well, exercise often, but also take time out for ourselves to recharge and do things that make us happy – whether that be reading a good book or hanging out with friends.

We wouldn’t be a successful yoghurt brand if we didn’t!


australian made dairy farmers co-op meet the farmers

organic milk from local farms

The milk in our yoghurt is sourced from organic Australian farms just a few hundred kilometres from our headquarters, many of which are run by families that have been in the farming business for generations.

Supporting and sourcing from these families also means you know exactly where your food comes from, just like our grandparents did – back in the day!

dairy farmers co-op

The Organic Dairy Farmers Co-op (ODFA) is a small group of dairy farmers spread around Victoria who got together because they believe organic is the way to go!

The ODFA is all about family farms, healthy soil and happy cows, which makes for remarkable milk. And we agree that the milk makes remarkable yoghurt too!

On average, we order between 60-70,000 litres of organic milk per week from the ODFA and this fresh organic milk is delivered daily.


animal welfare

ODFA have chosen to farm organically so that they can create conditions that are better for the environment, better for animals, and better for consumers. Ensuring the welfare of their cows and calves is at the heart of their organic philosophy. Basically, we don’t feed our cows anything that we wouldn’t be willing to give ourselves and our kids.

These traditional remedies help to keep our cows healthy the natural way. All farmers are certified by a nationally accredited organic certifying body called NASAA. According to the NASAA Standard, organic dairy cows must have access to pasture and must not be confined to housing or feed-lotted. The calves are hand fed and not neglected or abandoned.

To reflect the very high importance the ODFA put on animal welfare, they’ve gone a step further, and set their own minimum standards for the handling and treatment of bobby calves born on our farms. According to our ODFA Standard, calves are born naturally at full term with strength and vigour to suckle the colostrum that confers the natural immunity to become healthy, resilient animals. The baby calves are housed in a warm, clean environment with constant access to food and water.

the story of five:am yoghurt

To watch ‘The story of five:am yoghurt’, as told by our farmer friends Peter & Wendy Wallace, click the play button.

Peter & Wendy Wallace

Since 1886, the Wallace farm has been owned by the family on a property at Ellinbank, just out of Warragul in Gippsland.
They’ve even got their boys, Ash and Toby, to take over some of the tasks on the farm as they know they’ll own it some day!
The Wallace’s milk 150 cows and also intergrate free-range egg production into their farming system. They have been certified organic since 2005 and consistently improving their farm with yearly planting of trees for shade, shelter and biodiversity of wildlife.
They love their roles as farmers and truly care about their the animals on their farm.

Scott & Suzanne Wightman

The Wightman’s purchased their farm in Mardan in 1992, just outside Leongatha.
They never really planned to farm organically, but realised that well-balanced soil on an organic farm would eliminate just about any livestock health problems, so they had no other option but to go organic. They never have (and never will!) look back.
They milk 230 cows and in the last 15 years have planted over 30,000 trees. Bird life on the farm is now also abundant with swans, a large variety of ducks and the rare blue azure kingfisher flying about the property.

The Arbuthnot’s

Today you’ll find Sarah, Steve and John running the show but the Arbuthnot family have been farming the same land for over 60 years. They are committed to organic farming which is so important for promoting soil and animal health. They choose to milk once a day only because milking more often may cause stress on the cows. The Arbuthnot’s have also made sure to leave a portion of their land free for trees and native vegetation which acts as a natural habitat for wildlife and also provides wind protection for the cows.

Karen & Randall Buys

The Buy’s lead a very busy life juggling kids and 80 cows on their farm located near Yarram. Organic farming is so important to them not only for land and animal health but their own health too! The Buy’s have left 60 acres of land just for natural woodlands and wildlife, they love enjoying the rich natural environment that surrounds them!

Jo & Simon Doolan

Jo and Simon moved onto their farm in Kyabram with their 2 kids in 2010, which has been operated by Simon’s family since the early 40’s. Organic farming was a no brainer with Jo’s previous work in natural resource management and Simon’s interest in the environment. For these guys it’s not about ‘farming big’ but rather ‘farming sustainably.’

Leanne Sweeney & Ken Flanner

Leanne and Ken used to farm conventionally and had problems with water, cow health and pasture. They are now working towards a sustainable environment and future by using organic farming techniques and have an end goal to run a completely closed system.

Pauline & Terry Hehir

Pauline and Terry had been farming since 1979 but in 1997 made the switch to farm organically which sat better with their values. Today you can definitely see the difference and the Hehir’s are proud of the quality of their grass, soil and animals. Their staff is headed by Bec Gell who shares this same organic ethos.

Michael & Nicci Hore

In 2010 Michael and Nicci bought their neighbours certified organic farm after being confronted with the dilemma of expanding or closing down their conventional farm. Michael, Nicci and their 2 daughters have never looked back, the milk tastes better and the grass is literally greener on the other side!

Nic & Amy Paul

For the Paul family organic farming was a no brainer. Starting an organic farm was all about being true to their own beliefs and also about feeding their kids the best food! Their farm houses 80 milking cows, 2000 outdoor hens and extensive veggie gardens. For Nic and Amy Organic is the future and they are proud to be living the change they want to see in the world!

Witsed Family

John, Merrilyn, Paul, Lisa, Steve and Jo Ellen run an organic farm in Corryong. In the early 90’s the family could not ignore all the problems they were having with cow health left no other option but to try something new. Since going organic the family had noticed immediate and significant improvement with the cows metabolic problems, magnesium deficiency and conception rates.

Paul & Carolyn Pangrazzi

Paul was raised since age 4 on his farm in South Gippsland. Paul and Carolyn were one of the first in Australia to go through the process to become certified organic. They first decided to make the change when they noticed their land was actually getting worse using conventional methods. Since making the change there has been an enormous improvement!

Ron & Roisin Powles

Ron and Roisin both come from farming families and today run a mixed herd of 100 cows in Central-Goulburn. For these guys farming organically made sense, to provide a healthy, nurturing environment for them, their family and their cows.

Ken & Stella Richmond

Ken & Stella purchased their farm in 1978 and raised their 6 children theres. Initially they used conventional farming methods but they knew something wasn’t quite right and starting looking for a sustainable alternative. Their only regret was not finding out more about organic farming from the beginning!

Paul & Faye Robinson

Paul and Faye have around 50 cows on their 100 acres farm in Merrigum. They say this is small by today’s standards and like to call themselves boutique farmers! The cows have their calves in Autumn time, they are fed on fresh milk for 12 weeks and then the weaning process begins.

John & Wendy Smith

John and Wendy have a herd of 230 cows on their farm in Mepunga. farming organically means that their is a variety of herbs and grasses for a complete banquet of choice nutrients for their cows. They’ve also made sure their are plenty of native trees to attract insects and birds needed for the health of the farms ecosystem. Their son Bradley and his wife Wendy will be the 6th generation to farm this land.

Trease family

Graeme, Rosamary, Warrick and Carrie live at ‘Seven Streams” their farm located in South Gippsland. They are currently the 4th generation, the family have been there since 1884. They have 130 cows and are home to rare blue billed ducks and platypus. For them it was really important to have contented cows living in a beautiful environment.