Happier cows make tastier yoghurt

Yes, really. So, from having wide organic acres to roam in, to eating lush, pesticide free grass everything we do is about keeping our bovine friends beaming and staying 100% organic. That way, you’ll always have the best, most nutrient rich dairy made by happy cows. No wonder Stevie MooQueen and the gang are so eager to get to the five:am organic side.

A happy cow from an organic dairy farm

Life on the organic side

  • Organic dairy produces milk that’s free from chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, hormones and antibiotics, meaning you get nothing but delicious dairy.
  • Each lucky cow has the equivalent of over 1 acre of lush, organic grass to roam in.
  • Organic dairy uses 20% less water, 45% less energy and 40% less carbon emissions. Now that’s what we call dairy that makes a difference.
  • Organic dairy cows can live up to 2 years longer (you wouldn’t want to leave those green organic acres either).

Meet Stevie’s sidekicks

Hover over Stevie's mates to learn a little about this mischievous herd.
Tap Stevie's mates to learn a little about this mischievous herd.
Simone Cow-all
Expert ramp builder
Morgan Freesian
Stevie's right hoofed woman
Stevie MooQueen
The gang leader
Always gets her rump in the middle of things
Milky Culkin
Expert ramp builder
Five of Stevie MooQueens cow friends